Top Tips to Keep Your Diamond Rings Sparkling

If you love jewelry, you’d want to ensure that every piece you own sparkles at its best for years to come. Unfortunately, over time and with wear, not only does the shine fade, dirt and grime could settle in the crevices of the design, ruining the entire look. This is especially true of jewelry that we wear daily, like a diamond ring.

The first option for keeping your jewelry looking as good as new is probably to take it to a professional cleaner, which can be an expensive affair. Another option is to buy some new jewelry. This is not just expensive, it won’t have the sentimental value that your existing piece has.

So, the best option is to regularly clean your diamond rings and other pieces at home. Here are some simple things that you do to ensure that they retain their sparkle and look as good as new once again.

1.     Keep Away While Exercising

Exercising is great for your body and mind, but not for your engagement or wedding ring. The sweat and chlorine can dull the ring and discolor the diamonds. Also, while exercising there is a high probability you might hit your hand against some equipment, which could loosen the diamond from its setting or even worse, chip it. So, make sure you remove all jewelry before exercising.

2.     Use Ammonia

A quarter cup of ammonia in a cup of warm water can work wonders for diamond jewelry. Soak the piece in this solution for about 15 minutes and then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any dirt or grime you see. Once done, rinse the piece well in lukewarm water and wipe with a soft cloth. Your jewelry will return to its natural sparkle.

3.     Lemon Essential Oil

This is one thing that can be found in almost every household. This product can work wonders for your jewelry and help you retain them in mint condition. To use this method, add 3 drops of the essential oil with around 3/4th cup of water and let your piece sit in it for at least 5 minutes or you can also keep it soaked overnight. Use a soft old brush to gently scrub the grime and dirt from the crevices and then use a soft cloth to wipe down the piece to bring back the sparkle.

4.     Keep Away from Moisturizers

Now, moisturizing your skin daily is beneficial. But moisturizing your diamond ring along with it is not a good idea. Most body lotions contain shea butter, which is sure to dull the shine of your diamonds. You need to remember that chemicals and diamonds aren’t the best combination. Cleaning products, cosmetics, or even some foods are best kept away from your jewelry.

5.     Try Vodka

This is another traditional or actually very effective way to clean diamonds. Instead of taking a sip, soak your jewelry in it for a few hours or possibly overnight. After taking it out, rinse well with water, and pat dry to bring back the natural shine of your jewelry. Why this works is that the ethanol content in clear hard alcohol, such as vodka or gin, acts as a natural solvent that dissolves dirt molecules that get stuck in the crevices of diamond rings, making them sparkle once again.

6.     Keep Away from Harmful Products

Lotions, powders, makeup, soap, hairspray, and perfumes are some things that women use every day. However, the slightest film of these products on your diamond ring can damage the metal and ruin the sparkle of your gemstones quickly. So, it might be best to take off any jewelry before using any of these products. Another thing that many of us tend to do is grasp the diamond while taking the ring off or putting it on. Instead, make a habit of holding the metal or band.

7.     Ultrasonic Cleaning

Many times, just using home remedies might not do the trick. Ultrasonic cleaning is done by sending a low-frequency sound through a solution. This vibrating fluid is used by professional cleaners to get rid of accumulated grime and dirt. One thing that you should know before using ultrasonic waves is that the diamonds might become a little loose from their mountings. Caution should also be taken if the diamond contains feathers. A deal where you really should avoid this treatment if your diamond rings have already been treated by fracture filling.

However, the first step is ensuring the best for your jewelry collection is to buy from a trusted online store like Jewilili, which gives a certificate of authenticity for all gemstones and diamonds used, along with free shipping and an easy 30-day return policy.

Infographic provided by Wholesale Jewelry Displays Company, Gems on Display

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