Is men’s pyjamas a new thing in the fashion industry?

Let’s face it, everyone is a sucker for a good or comfortable pyjama whether you are looking for your personal style to be reflected or for just something cozy to sleep in creating a fashion statement even out of your night routine. Whether a fashionista or not, nobody says no to something stylish and comfortable to which fashion designers capitalized the customer’s desires. Pyjamas were introduced as lounging attire in England around the 17th century, however, it soon went out of fashion, it was not until 1870 or the Victorian period when they reappeared as a sleeping attire for men which has grown to be a billion-dollar industry with time as men’s fashion is the new thing or trend in the Fashion Industry. Pyjamas are no longer a style restricted to home only, though this trend was here from a long time but of late a surge has been seen in retailers adding loungewear to their offering.

Another factor for putting this trend on the map is the increase in people spending time at their home or working from home, according to a report by national statistics a record of around 4.5 million home workers were seen in January to March last year. Athleisure along with an evolving modern society has paved the way for pyjamas to enter the mainstream. It has reflected a statement that people do not have to compromise their comfort or function in the name of fashion. Various designs, silhouette, and versatility of a pyjama makes it a trend fit for every person according to their needs

XYXX crew focuses on providing you with the most comfortable and stylish pyjama for men online such as checkmate combed cotton pyjama with cotton being ideal for all seasons, comfortable and acting as a natural temperature regulator etc, reflecting dual pockets so that all your belongings stay safe, anti-microbial finish so that any odour or rashes are prevented, soft anti-roll with no marks guarantee, patch pocket for brand detailing giving the loungewear an elegant look and true to size with a comfort fit at the most reasonable prices, size and colours without compromising on the quality as XYXX crew share a vision of changing the innerwear or loungewear culture in India. Each of the product is proudly made in India from ultra-soft briefs to breezy boxers to terrific trunks and comfy vests with eco-friendly fabrics or naturally sourced fabrics reflecting benefits like being good on the skin preventing any itching or rashes, better quality and cheap prices as organic fertilizers are cheap and being healthy for the environment as chemically made products emit out harmful gases, reach out to underground water reserves etc. usage of organic products will bring down environment pollution as well.

Each of the products is delivered in no time across the length and breadth of India with zip-lock pockets covered in a protective layer ensuring that your product is delivered in perfect condition.

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